Fire protection

  • Professional
  • Home security

A fire can bring your activities to a sudden halt. Fire, smoke and water damage, spoilt products and raw materials can all have severe consequences for the daily operation of your business.

To develop a plan for a fire detection system requires a thorough analysis. Our team of experts designs fire protection plans and advises you in accordance with the requirements of the NBN S 21- 100 standard. You can also connect your gas detection system to your fire detection system.

When fire strikes, you can lose more than you expect. It is certainly not a luxury to connect a smoke detector to your alarm system!

At the first signs of a fire, your smoke detection system will immediately raise the alarm, so you can sleep soundly. You will also receive a notification on all of your mobile applications. This is your guarantee for total peace of mind! Benoit Security keeps a watchful eye on everything from a distance.

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